Required documents   For Visa type: “ J ” / 



  1. Application form
  2. Valid passport 
  3. Copy of passport
  4. Copy of ID card 
  5. One photo /3.5x 4.5 cm/ taken within six months 
  6. Two-way air ticket or/ train ticket reservation form  
  7. Accommodation confirmation in Mongolia for group travelers: Invitation / request from the organizer 
  8. Visa fee 
  9. Financial statement ( if necessary )


For Visa type: “D”, “A”, “B”, “T”, “O”, “H”, “HG”, “S”


Official letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mongolia or Mongolian Immigration Agency, in addition to the above mentioned documents.


Note: Official letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mongolia or Official letter from the Mongolia Immigration Agency is valid for 90 days. 


Visa refusal or cancellation may occur under the following circumstances:  


  1. having a record of illegal act in Mongolia 
  2. not being able to identify the purpose of travel 
  3. not being able to provide required documents 
  4. has proven as invalid document or fraud  
  5. has not completed the application form 
  6. with the request from inviter  
  7. with official letter from authority 
  8. when the visa is printed with inaccurate information 
  9. when the visa is found issued without required approval 
  10. when Mongolian residence permit is cancelled or expired 

visa-application.pdf [851.08 Kb] (downloads: 13)
See the file online: visa-application.pdf


Note: 1. Visa will be marked as “Void” when cancelled. 

        2. Visa fee will not be refunded under any circumstances.

        3. Applicant has a right to re-apply for Mongolian visa after 30 days from the visa refusal.