Timeline of COVID-19 in Taiwan
By: taipei 2020/06/18


2020. Dec: 

  • Taiwan begins screening arriving passengers from Wuhan as they disembark at the airport. 

2020. Jan: 

  • The Taiwan Centers for Disease Control establishes the Central Epidemic Command.                 
  • Taiwan confirms first case.
  • Entry of Chinese tourists restricted.

2020. Feb: 

  • A group of 247 Taiwanese is evacuated from Wuhan.
  • The government requisitions all surgical face masks produced in Taiwan and implements a rationing system for the public. 
  • Taiwan records first death. 
  • 19 Taiwanese on Diamond Princess evacuated. 
  • Feb. 26-March 2: After a two-week postponement of the start of the spring semester, elementary and high schools opens.

2020. March: 

  • Taiwan issues new travel alerts to include high risk areas in Europe, North Africa and Dubai, citing a rise in imported cases from these regions. 
  • The warnings are expanded to the U.S., Canada, and Australasia in the following days. 
  • Taiwan confirms 100th case. 
  • Taiwan bans all foreign visitors, with few exceptions, and imposes mandatory 14-day self-isolation for all arriving passengers. 
  • Taiwan prohibits the entry of travelers en route to another country. 
  • Confirmed cases pass 300.

2020. April:

  • President Tsai gives national address on COVID-19. 
  • Masks become mandatory on public transport. The Ministry of Transportation says all passengers on public transportation must wear a face mask or they will be fined.
  • First national alert issued. 
  • Hostess clubs and ballrooms closed. Further crowd management measures introduced. 
  • Crowdfunded 'Taiwan can help' ad published. 
  • Confirmed cases surge over 400.
  • Taiwan confirmed 22 new COVID-19 cases, members of the Navy serving on a fleet that sailed to Taiwan's Pacific ally Palau. 

2020. May:  

  • More cases in naval cluster. 
  • Travel restrictions on Taiwanese in Hubei relaxed. 
  • Seventh death reported. 
  • Overseas tours further suspended. 
  • President Tsai pledges to meet COVID-19 challenges. 
  • Government unveils plans to ease restrictions. 
  • Self-pay testing more widely available. 
  • Remdesivir as COVID-19 medication. 
  • Surgical masks to return to open market.

2020. June: 

  • Government announces stimulus scheme, remains cautious on border control.
  • COVID-19 rules eased, website on Taiwan's efforts launched. 
  • COVID-19 briefing switched to weekly.